Wednesday, December 12, 2007

Heaven for cyclists

Interlaken, Switzerland is the most beautiful city I have visited till date. Surrounded by snow-capped mountains, it is heaven on earth. But what makes this place even more remarkable is that there are some fantastic tracks laid out for cyclists. There is a beautiful track that takes you from one lake to the other (you guessed it right, Interlaken is between two lakes). Once in a while the track disappears into the beautiful woods lining the track. And the best part ... you can borrow a cycle for free from the hotel you stay in (at least the one I stayed at had this offer).

Have a look:

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Can you imagine?

Can you imagine ...

... a parking slot dedicated entirely to cyclsists?

... a track where no motorcycles or cars are allowed - only cycles?

... a railway station that has a dedicated parking room for cycles?

... a train that has a bogey for cyclists to travel with their cycles?

... a population that respects the rights of the cyclist on the road?

All this and more is possible. One merely has to visit the West European Continent. It is for this and this reason alone that I consider them to be more civilised than us. Otherwise we are all humans!

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