Monday, October 10, 2011

Jagjit Singh Passes Away

People die.
The man with silk smooth voice, Jagjit Singh, is no more.
All we can do is listen to his gazals over and over again.
There will be no new ones any more.

I wonder how Chitra Singh will take this.
First son.
Then daughter.
Now husband.
But she is a brave woman.
And this too shall pass.

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Pursuing French

A very effective way of committing oneself to a project is to open up. This works in a very paradoxical way. On one hand you would like to keep things to yourself, especially if you are a private person. And therefore, opening up to public scrutiny makes you feel vulnerable. On the other hand, however, once you are open to public scrutiny, and because you are in open to public scrutiny, you may feel motivated to do what you always wanted to but did not have the discipline to.

Take an example. Assume you always wanted to write a novel. You have the rough sketch in your mind but because are oh-so-busy the wonderful story inside you in not taking shape. What do you do? You tell others that by the year end you will publish a novel. There! Now you are vulnerable to ridicule. Now you need to prove that the tittering were all misplaced. Now you need to do something by the year end. Got the idea?

It is with this intention I have thrown myself open to public ridicule. And not just to those who are within reach, but the whole world. Visit Learning French and judge for yourself if I have taken a step in the right direction or not.

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