Friday, April 20, 2007

First Day of Commuting to Office on Bicycle

13 km, 38 minutes. Not a bad first day of commuting to office. I have a Trek3700 (see photograph on the right) - an MTB but every bit at home on Bangalore Roads. I plan to do this at least twice a week.

Here's what I did to reach office in one piece.

1) Started early to beat the heavy traffic. Need to start earlier.

2) Stuck to the extreme left. Believe me when I say that even this is not safe. The motorcyclists and cars drivers in Bangalore love to overtake from the left and that brings them dangerously close to you.

3) Follow the contour of the edge. This makes the ride entertaining! Reminds you of Fractals and the sea coast!

4) At times there are cyclists coming the other way. Need to give a quick look backwards over the shoulder to ensure no other vehicle is approaching and then move into the road to give way. Just wondering if riding against the traffic is a safer way - after all, on roads with no pavements one is supposed to walk against the direction of the traffic.

5) There were two buses parked on the road. Dismounted and walked across. Ditto when I had to cross over to take a right turn.

On My Return Trip:

1) Reached home earlier - bypassed two evening hour traffic jam.

2) Got caught in a light drizzle - actually enjoyed riding in the rain.

3) Gained a little more confidence.

Feels good.

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