Thursday, September 17, 2009

The Spanish Understand Marriages

The Spanish language has two words for "be".

Thus, for example, "I am" could be "soy" (=saw-ee) or "estoy" (=es-toy-ee).
Soy is used for things that are permanent in nature, whereas Estoy is for those things that are in transition or if it is about location. (the infinitive forms are "ser" and "estar")

I am Amitabh = Soy Amitabh
I am ready = Estoy listo

I am from India = Soy de la India
I am working = Estoy trabajando

Just wondering why the ancient Spanish people decided to use the 'temporary be - estar' for marriage?!?!?!

Estoy casado = I'm married.

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avdi said...

Because you can always undo it. Funnily, you cant undo your children, so I guess they are 'Soy (name)'

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