Thursday, June 17, 2010

Free French Lessons from RFI

I have been foolish not to check. Especially since I was aware that Radio France International had co-produced the Mission Europe radio programs. Besides, if BBC can claim to teach French, can you imagine Radio France International not to?

Sure enough, the RFI has an excellent page dedicated to teaching French. I am currently listening to L'affaire du Coffret, which is an excellent introduction to the French Language. It is presented as a crime thriller, which should keep you hooked. You can either work through the associated exercises one by one as you listen to the recording from the RFI website. Or, download the complete podcast of 60 episodes from iTunes and work on the worksheets later.

Coming to Mission Europe: I recommend you download all the three - Mission Berlin, Mission Paris and Mission Krakow, and have a listen. These are fashioned after computer games and will be liked by both children (Note: Mission Berlin and Mission Paris have some heavy duty kissing sounds for a short while; not sure about Mission Krakow. I am not being a prude, just noting a fact) and adults.


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Anjana said...

I am digressing from what you have written in this post but once I had to translate the word 'prude' into Malayalam and I figured that there is no equivalent to that word in Malayalam/ any Indian language. It fascinated me to know that the concept does not exist in the Indian pysche. It is amazing how much you learn about your own culture and people, even while you are grappling with a foreign language.

simran khanna said...

Is really there any online free french lessons available.
hindi news

Amitabh said...

@Anjana, your digressions add value. Keep visiting, digressing and commenting!

Amitabh said...

@Simra, the BBC and RFI material on Internet is free. But I suppose you are looking for a proper course. Try

Amitabh said...

@Simra, the material on the BBC abd RFI websites are free. But I guess you are looking for a proper French Course. Try

Anjana said...

Thanks. I am happy to visit. Happier to comment and happiest to digress. I think the thrill of discovering something is maximised when it happens while one is wandering/ digressing. Research has taught me that true insights occur to you, when you are looking elsewhere. And that is why serendipity is such a beautiful concept. And that is what makes me want to visit your blog. It is the magic of chancing upon something new/ serendipity (certainly not news and views, we have an overdose of that really) But the sad part is that many people dont realize the power and play of Serendipity. I can tell you for a fact that today's marketers dont and it is such a pity that they dont value serendipity (that sounds poetic, now)

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