Wednesday, January 12, 2011

Swear if you care

Once in a while you stumble upon information that forces you to think. It might also push you beyond your comfort envelope.
The information can come to you from any domain, even mathematics. Especially when it comes in the form of an article titled 'If mathematics is a language, how do you swear in it?' One instictively knows that this article by David Wagner would be an interesting read and indeed it is.

Here's an extract ...
[H]istory ought to remind us to listen to students who say things that we think are wrong, and to listen to students who say things in ways we think are wrong. ... Furthermore, pursuing the non-permissible opens up new realities.

Read this article even if your are instictively repelled by the word 'mathematics'. There is no mathematics (in the normal sense of the word) in this article but lots of uncommon sense.

To wind up here's another extract from the article (after all, I need to justify the topic of this post)...
To help my students develop a sense of attachment to their mathematics, I need to give them mathematical investigations that present them with real problems. They may swear in frustration but they will also find satisfaction and pleasure.

I bet David Wagner is a great teacher.

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