Wednesday, April 29, 2009

They do not want your vote

The politicians don't want your vote.

Does that surprise you? I am not at all surprised. They follow the simple ROI funda. Door to door canvassing in an area teeming with educated people capable of making their own mind is not worth their effort.

They would rather hit the trail that leads to vote banks. And if you think they are trying to reach you via the mass media, then think once more. All speeches and media bytes are aimed to entice the vote banks.

Proof? Take my case. It was not until I saw the Electronic Voting Machines that I realized that my constituency is Bangalore Central. No candidate or their followers visited my house. Since there is a ban on plastering the city with posters, I had no idea who the candidates were.

So if they are not interested in your vote, why should you vote? Precisely because of that reason. They do not want your vote because your vote will upset their calculations. Vote banks are more dependable. They don't know what you are thinking. So if you stay away you are actually paying into their hands.

So please go and vote. Exercise your right. At least try to get the government you want. You may not get the kind you want this time round. But a huge turn out at the polling station will make the candidates vary. Next time they are sure to beat a path to your door steps. That, in itself, is your first success.

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