Tuesday, April 14, 2009

Who are you, little birdie?

Will someone please, please, please identify this lovely bird for me?

There are two of them and in all probability have made a nest on the tree in our house.


PS: 15-Apr-2009. It is a Female Asian Koel. It is a type of cuckoo. I was right in thinking this way. I could not see any nest and there is a crow nest on the tree. So I searched the Internet for cuckoo and initially I was disappointed as there are so many varieties of cuckoo and this one didn't feature in them. It took some digging to arrive at this one. I wish it were possible to search by picture.

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dorian said...

how nice that you live in a place where something pretty like that can nest in your backyard. i'm a bird lover. i have a budgie (parakeet) who spends most of his time admiring himself in the mirror. lovely seeing your photos.


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