Sunday, November 1, 2009

Enhance Your Egyptian Experience

Ancient Egypt has a strange attraction to most of us. Many of us yearn to go to the land of Pharaohs. But do you want to be just like any other tourists: been there, done that? Of course not.

Now here is a way to enhance your experience. Learn how to read ancient Egyptian Hieroglyphs. Imagine yourself in the ancient rock temples of Nubia, reading the script for yourself instead of depending on some tourist guide spinning stories.

You think I am joking?
Check out How To Read Egyptian Hieroglyphs and tell me if you still think I am.

What? You are not interested in ancient Egypt? Then how about some brain exercise? Learning to read an ancient script is just what the doctor ordered. Check it out anyway.

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Serge Gorodish said...

Absolutely! I worked my way through an earlier edition of this book. One way in which the world has improved over the last thirty years is the much larger trove of material available for learning this kind of thing. Now anyone can play Indiana Jones. One thing which makes it easier is the repetitiveness of many hieroglyphic inscriptions--think how many of the same phrases we ourselves use over and over again on our own tombstones.

You may also wish to check out Sumerian.

Sanoop said...

The pyramids of Egypt have always been a fascination for me and have also heard that spending a night inside any of those pyramids is a sure shot way to experience the paranormal or the supernatural.. Have added it to my bucket list... Have decided to visit and spend a night there at some point in my life... Better still, hope someday my company sends me onsite to Egypt ;-) Mr. "NEWS, VIEWS & SERENDIPITY" can make that happen :->

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