Saturday, October 31, 2009

Think Hard Before You Buy Amazon Kindle

I have been drooling after Kindle since ages. (See here, here and here).
Now that Kindle is available in India, I am hesitant to buy it.
Because of negative reviews by an Amazon Kindle user who calls herself Gadget Queen.

And then there is this other problem to do with DRM and ownership. Kind of freaks me out.

What of the 1400+ positive reviews?
Valid question; but my approach to any product purchase over Internet closely follows the method used by scientists: It doesn't matter how many evidences you find to support your theory. All it takes is one exception and your theory is history.

I like the idea of carrying 1500 books with me on one ultra light device, but I do not like the idea of DRM.

In the recent past, Amazon has remotely deleted purchased copy of 1984 and Animal Farm for users' Kindle. That is clearly unacceptable. The funda behind DRM to prevent unrestricted duplication of copyrighted material makes sense, but if that means I do no possess the content I buy on Kindle then I would like to think hard, very hard, before buying a Kindle.

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