Monday, October 12, 2009

Our Belief System

You do not believe in God? Fine with me. Nor do I.

You believe in spirituality? Again, fine with me, though I think spirituality is religion in disguise.

You believe in E=mc2? I do too. Or that's what I thought till this morning.

But why do I believe in something that some scientist said and most others agree to?

It could be wrong, no?

Newton's theory of Gravity lies in shambles since Einstein came along.

Someone else may come along and E=mc2 would be a passé too.

That's how science evolves.

But that is not the point of this blog.

Isn't it scary that our belief system is dictated by others?

Just because majority believes in god or believes in relativity or quantum mechanics, we take it for granted that it would be true. We start believing in it.

How are we different from those who believed that the Earth is flat?

Or from those who believed that the Earth is the centre of universe?

Have you ever questioned what you believe?

When was the last time you questioned all that you believe?

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grace said...

You are right when you say that we don't actually care to question the validity of our believes and that stems from a fear deep within.A fear that keeps one back from pushing your boundaries, breaking the walls and daring to explore, fathom and realize the reality and establish one's own belief system.

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