Thursday, February 26, 2009

Future with Kindle; Just Imagine

amazon kindle 2.0
By now my regular readers are familiar with my obsession for Kindle (see here). But I see the use of Kindle or any other similar e-ink based reader far beyond the ordinary.

Can you imagine this ...

The teacher calls out attendance. All students are present. No. Not all. One boy is absent. Not well. Oh! Ok. The teacher asks all students to turn to page 24 of their English reader and asks Naveen to read out the first line and explain the meaning. Naveen, quick as a flash, takes out his Kindle - yes, Kindle - turns to page 24, holds the Kindle in his left hand and starts reading. Other students too turn on their Kindle, highlight some lines and make necessary notes on the margin. At one point Naveen fumbles. He needs to look up the Wiki. Click of a button and Wiki is accessible. So is a dictionary if he wants to refer to it.

In the next class, the maths teacher wants to start geometry. Unfortunately, she was absent for the whole of last week and she could not convey to the students that they need to buy a new book on Geometry. No sweat. The new book is wirelessly delivered to all the Kindle users. Kindle to the rescue.

In the third class, the geography teacher wants to know if everyone has submitted their homework. Students nod their heads. All of them have e-mailed the homework to the teacher that she can now read on her Kindle. She picks up a homework and starts discussing it in the class.

At the end of the day, when your son or daughter gets down from the bus, s/he sees you waiting at the gate and comes bouncing to meet you. No heavy bag to drag on the tired shoulders.

Can you imagine all that?

That is future for you.
A future where the early morning / late night ritual of 'packing the bag' is history.
A future where thousands of trees are not cut down for producing text books.
A future where young shoulders do not bend down carrying mountain of books to school.


Note: I have taken the picture of Kindle from the Amazon website.

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