Saturday, February 28, 2009

5 Achievements That India Really Needs

Piggy-back Oscars and Beauty crowns ... is this India's claim to fame.?

You may disagree, but I think this is a shame (Wow! Poetry: Fame ... Shame!)

Now here's what I would like to see India /Indians to achieve...

Pot full of Olympic golds in every Olympics till it ceases to be front page news any more.

At least one Fields Medal in the next 5 years. (I could even settle for a Millennium Prize or two)

A Nobel prize in any one of the sciences every few years till it becomes a habit.

An Oscar for a Mainstream Bollywood masala movie.

At least one world class software product or application. Just to make myself clear here ... No! Infosys is not a software product! I am looking for something like MS Office, SAP, Google, Twitter, Facebook, Linux, ... I could go on and on. Let's say something like Hotmail.

A technology company that rivals Apple or Intel in innovation.

I think I will be satisfied with 5 :-)

Would you like to add to this list? Name your country and go right ahead.

Picture courtesy: Svilen Mushkatov

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ARJuna said...

Man, you are a guy with some expectations from his country!!! But I agree with you all the way, the Oscar and the single Olympics gold has been only a feel good. The Pageants only prove that we are too 'cosmetic' to promote our strengths in other fields!!! The country needs more than just this (and forget about the BPO's and IT firms). Its time we start innovating!!! Kudos

yogs said...

Well, there are many Indian authors out there winning many literary awards like Booker, etc.

But has the perception of the West changed? Do they still consider that our county has the greatest literary talent?

So nothing would change even if we start winning Oscars/medals on a regular basis..

At the least, the hype will go down in India..

Alok said...

Hi Amitabh.....

Need your views on a weird thought...

Let me know pls...


All Talk and No Action said...

wow a good list...

i would want India to climb on the Human Dev. Index

Pangala Nagendra Rao said...

Regarding Olympic medal, Nobel Prize, A Software product, Technology Company I agree with your views
Oscar part I think here the perception has more role than the quality of film. I watched Slumdog but in my view there are many Movies directed by Indian which are better than it.
Isn't it a joke that our nation has not even a single wordclass software product or hardware technology even though called as biggest IT hub in the world?

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