Friday, February 13, 2009

Slow down!

Slow down traffic signal

No, seriously, just slow down.

Learn to expand life the way

Hindustani Classical Music is expounded by masters. Now most of you would balk at the thought. Nothing can be boring than a Classical Music concert, right? Wrong! It may seem long drawn and boring vocalization but it holds within itself treasure.

It may seem anachronistic in this fast moving life but classical music has a lot to offer. The fundamental thesis of classical music is perfection of each note. The singer or the musician dwells on each note and moves on to the next only after reaching perfection. The full rendition of a piece of music is therefore long and deliberate. The idea is too reach perfection. What is bad about that?

Ok! A completely different subject. Have you seen a fast paced thriller movie twice? I bet you have. Notice how much you missed out when you saw it the first time. Many details escaped your notice. These tiny details made the movie much more enjoyable. So much so that you might have seen it again.

What about books? The pace is slower than a movie but definitely faster than classical music. Why then do you find details in the second reading that escaped you in the first?

How many times have to regretted taking a decision in double quick time? If only you had paused and given it a thought.

Take life slow. It is much too precious to be counted in minutes rushing past. If you like ice-cream you will know what I mean. Enjoy life one lick at a time and before taking the second lick savour the moment.

Picture Courtesy: Kriss Szkurlatowski

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