Tuesday, February 10, 2009

Early Morning Liberation

It is not yet morning.
It is still dark outside.
You have two choices: close your eyes and roll back to sleep or get into action.
Her body is warm beside you and you do not want to wake her up.
But optimum heart rate is just what the doctor ordered.
You gather your gear and move slowly. You do not want to wake up the children.
And then you dive straight into action.
There is chill in the air.
Somewhere far away a dog is barking. Unmindful, you focus.
You notice the light from halogen street lamp bouncing off your skin.
You huff and you puff and sweat breaks out on your forehead.
The sweat feels nice in the cold morning.
You can feel the cold air rushing past your ears.
As sweat dribbles down your cheeks, you know you are just about there.

And before the children wake up, you have sweated, cooled down and showered. It has been a liberating experience. You are now ready for yet another day.

Early morning cycling is wonderful.

Um... what were you thinking?

Picture courtesy: Asif Akbar

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