Monday, February 9, 2009

Good Thing Bad Thing

I have given my car for servicing. The mechanic said he cannot give the car until Monday evening. How do I go to office? I would love to use this opportunity to cycle to office, there is a customer visit. Bad thing.

Fortunately, we have another car at home. Good thing.

The other car breaks down. Kids are with me. They need to reach the school on time. Bad thing.
Fortunately, the car breaks down in front of the school. Good thing.

I search for the road emergency service offered by my friendly neighbourhood service station. Can't find it. My wife must have misplaced it. I have the number at home. How do I reach it? Bad thing.
Fortunately, my wife is at home today. She teaches and her school is closed today. I ask her to hunt for the number and ask the service station to help me out. Good thing.

She calls me back saying that it will take them at least half an hour to reach me. What a waste of time. Bad thing.
Fortunately I always carry a book in the car. Perfect time to gobble away those chapters. Good thing.

I suddenly realize - customer at office. Panic! I should have been there. What a mess! Bad thing.
The customer calls me on my mobile. He will be a couple of hours late. I tell him to take his own time and not to hurry. Good thing.

The service vehicle finally reaches me. The wires are disconnected. Rubbed against the belt. Bad thing.
He fixes the problem in a jiffy. Good thing.

He wants to be paid in cash. And I am credit card person. I rarely carry cash in my wallet. Bad thing.
I had popped some cash in my wallet last evening but did not get to spend it. I pay him thanking him profusely. Good thing.

I think I know exactly how life tastes ... sweet and sour

Picture courtesy: Kriss Szkurlatowski

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Anonymous said...

good posted this post!this was a great read,and you have a great way with the written word!
by the way this is lawman2!

Indian Pundit said...

Dude, thats a great post. You are simply awesome.
i clicked on your blog in my blogroll. GOOD THING.
i read this post and loved it.GREAT THING.

Vyazz said...

Nice way of describing the paradox of events in ones day to day life. It was quite an interesting read!! :)

Madhu said...

Its always nice to hear one defying murphy's law...

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