Monday, March 29, 2010

Sachin Tendulkar Defined

The cricketing world is going gaga over Sachin's mastery of the T20 format of the game.
I think they are missing the point.
It is not his cool batting that has fetched him four 50+ scores in 6 matches or the fact that he is running hard between the wickets. That is something that is expected. He has always been a great batsman.
There is something else.
His hunger for excellent was manifest in a failed attempt in yesterday's match with Deccan Chargers.
He was off like a hare after the ball that took an outside edge from a Deccan Chargers' batsman and just near the boundary he went sliding to cut off the four. He couldn't cut it off, but his slide towards the ball was sublime.
This was also seen in the 1st ODI against South Africa when a diving stop from him shaved one run off a sure boundary.
For me, this new drive to fielding excellence defines Sachin Tendulkar.
He is the Arjuna of the modern era - someone who never stops learning and excelling.

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Sanoop said...

Yes.. even I was very surprised that He slid the way He did. For me.. I do not want Him to perform any acrobatics on the field.. I just want Him there in the playing eleven... The mere sight of Him in the non-striker's position is enough :-) Not everytime does a batsman get to the non-striker's end without scoring ;-)
When the moment came for Him to slide through, am sure millions of His fans wouldn't want Him to perform the slide risking an injury.. but for Him.. its those extra runs that He does not want to donate.. It is evident that the thought of injury resulting due to a slide has not even crossed His mind... Guess thats why He is Sachin Tendulkar ... Also there was some news about Him playing in the DC match while having a viral infection !!! He is truly a Divine Force !!!

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