Tuesday, April 13, 2010

The Secret To Success In A Nutshell

Throw away all those self-help books that supply you the secret of success in 10 steps (or something similar).
The following small paragraph should suffice.
Here goes ...

And yes, just as your grandmother always told you, practice does make perfect. But not just willy-nilly practice. Mastery arrives through what [K. Anders] Ericsson [professor of psychology at Florida State University] calls "deliberate practice." This entails more than simply playing a C-minor sclae a hundred times or hitting tennis serves until your shoulder pops our of its socket. Deliberate practice has three key component: setting specific goals; obtaining immediate feedback; and concentrating as much on technique as on outcome.

Short and sweet.

I took this from Superfreakonomics by Steven D. Levitt & Stephen J. Dubner.

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Anjana said...

I like the words 'deliberate practice' but it kind of makes the route to mastery/ success too mechanical and devoid of passion. Someone I really admire, once told me that the secret to success is only two words 'Intention' and 'Attention'. He went on to tell me that 'if you want success badly enough, then half your job is done'. He was talking about 'Intention' here. 'Attention' is really about being alert and attentive to all the aspects that can determine that success for you. This definition has really worked for me, in terms of helping me put my successes and failures in perspective. This to me, also explains, the failure of some very talented people and the success of some very ordinary people. What do you think?

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