Saturday, May 8, 2010

Excuses, Excuses

It is amazing how pursuit of one thing throws your life completely out of gear.
Once I decided that I should put in more hours to learn European languages, I quickly realized all other activities will have to take back seat. I used to get up early to compose blogs. That time now went into working out the nuances of Spanish, German and French. I love reading - reading anything - that too receded in the background.
"Stop," says a part of my brain. "You are just wasting your time. You will never master languages unless you get to talk to others in these languages. In any case, why are you learning these languages?"
As if I need a reason for doing anything!

Some time ago I managed to combine German and blogging here. Wonder if I pick up the threads again. Also got to start reading again. That's my life blood.

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Anjana said...

c'est la vie

Amitabh said...

Mais je veux plus de la vie

Anjana said...

Oui. Je comprends. Je parlais de la tendence humaine de faire des excuses. Mais je crois que vous arrivez deja (sorry, the accents are not happening.) plus de la vie si vous avez le temps pour apprendre trois langues etrangeres. Il est agreable de communique dans le francais avec quelqu'un apres les jours de college. Il est aussi agreable de savoir que je n'en ai pas oublie trop. Ok, now it is taking too much effort to construct correct sentences in French so I shall revert to comfortable English. If you really want to master these languages, it might be a good idea to watch UTV World Movies. I have watched some lovely French and Spanish movies on the channel.The English sub titles help.

Amitabh said...

Votre français est très bien. Je peux comprendre un peu le français. Peut-être dans quelques mois je vais être capable de parler aussi. Right now I have to depend on Google Translate for forming a good, long sentence.

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