Wednesday, August 4, 2010

Google versus Bing

I am no marketing guru, but the news of Google copying Bing has a feel of the old marketing classic of Coca-Cola versus Pepsi, when Coke could not understand that brand loyalty goes beyond taste and took decisions that were disasterous.
I may be wrong, but here's an unsolicited advice to Google: Do not let users change the background image of the Google home page. The serene white background, with lego-coloured Google is your identity. Stand out.

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Ashwin said...


But Google is giving an option to change background. Do you think it is copying Bing?
I think this is good as it is an option.


simran khanna said...

Google is best search there is no doubt but Bing is rising as a search engine.

Anjana said...

I am no marketing guru either but aspire to be one, someday and so feel compelled to comment on this, even if I don't end up adding any value to this. Actually, the buzz around marketing circles today is 'Co-creation'. Every wants to enable consumers to co-create their desired brand experience. They believe, this leads to greater ownership of brands and hence, greater engagement and affiliation. Now, while it is important to retain your identity and stand out vis-a-vis competition, it is also important to keep contemporising your identity to meet changing consumer needs and expectation. However, you cannot allow your consumer to change your 'face and persona'. They should leave that to the experts (read Market Rersearch agencies) who can apply intelligence to consumer data and expectations and tailor it to truly value add to the brand (without compromising on its identity or equity). But Google is quite astute, when it comes to marketing efforts. This time I truly wonder what their trip is!

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