Wednesday, August 18, 2010

To be a Leader

Ok here is a question.
Who was the leader of the 1953 Everest Expedition that (perhaps) first conquered the Everest?
Chances are that you do not know the answer.
I do not blame you.
And even if you know that it was John Hunt, most remember Edmund Hillary.
So much for leaders.
And do you think Neil Armstrong would be a household name had he not been the first to step on the Moon? He happened to also be the mission commander. But did you know that? And did you also know that Buzz Aldrin was initially supposed to be the first to step on the Moon?
Leadership is not as cracked up as it is made out to be. Only the very strong can be one. And at times it demands sacrifice. And of all sacrifices the most difficult to make is that which goes by the name of 'ego'.
Do you still want to be a leader?

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Anjana said...

On leadership, there is always a premium that is placed on 'leading from the front'. But few people realize the value and wisdom that comes with 'leading from behind'. May be because it does not sound 'glamourous enough, for a leader'
Nelson Mandela once said "Respected leaders lead from behind when they are celebrating their team's acheivements and lead from the front when there is problem or a serious crisis". I couldn't agree more and so, totally agree when you say leadership needs sacrifices (good and able leadership, definitely does) and the funniest thing is that one never understands it completely, untill one becomes a leader, oneself. I think all leaders need to ask themselves one crucial question, "what am I pursuing". 'Glory for self' is a bad idea if you want to be a truly influential leader. So, the ego has to go, whichever way you look at it. Just when you think, 'you are a leader and can afford an inflated ego'

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