Thursday, December 2, 2010

People You Meet on Bangalore Bus

Almost everyone on the bus is in his/her own world. You do not hear incessant chatting - ok! sometimes you do, but most of them have those ubquitious earphones plugged in, listening to music or - like me - learning a new language (perhaps!)
Some college students are reading their notes. Perhaps, they have to take some test today. This is no way to prepare! What were you doing last evening?
Oh look there! A lady just flipped open her laptop. She is typing away to glory. I wonder if the news that Bangalore buses will have WiFi installed is correct. I wonder what she is typing. She is typing rathetr furiously.
The young chap who just got into the bus settles down next to me. From my peripheral vision I see him talking out a black notebook. No it is not a notebook! It is a Kindle. I ask him a few details. Yeah! He loves it. He downloads his book at home using the USB cable; doesn't use the WiFi. I let him go back to his reading.
You meet the coolest people on a bus.

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