Wednesday, December 1, 2010

Be part of the Solution

Having taken a public bus to office for the last couple of weeks, I am happy I made that decision. It was sort of forced on me - doctor said I cannot drive - but now that I am enjoying my daily bus trip to and from the office, I can say that this is perhaps the best thing that happened to me.
I have never waited more than 5 minute for a bus; I almost always get a seat to sit; some buses are airconditioned, and I do not have to worry about that crazy driver who decided that the best way to drive a car is to drive it as if it were a motorcycle. I arrive at the office fresher. In fact, the only time I need to wait for more than 5 minute has been to cross the road - that tells you the state of traffic in Bangalore.

If you are in Bangalore - or any such busy city / town - and the public bus service is good, it is a crime to commute in a car. We cannot keep carping about the traffic situation and continue driving to our offices. In other words, be a part of the solution, not the part of the problem. And till, dedicated cycle routes are made mandatory in all big towns and cities, please travel by a public transport.

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Ashwin said...

Good AMM, well done for being part of the solution. May this inspire others to follow.

Many of my friends who work in ITPL or Elec. city take local bus which is good.

Do you think Govt. should give tax benfit for travelling by local bus/train?


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