Saturday, November 27, 2010

Fact Borrowing From Fiction

I am not sure if the Taliban leaders have watched the over-the-top, hilarious movie "Tere Bin Laden". But I am very sure that the MI6 and the NATO commanders should have.

In the movie, a young TV reporter from Pakistan who desparately wishes to go to US and is in need to money, plants a story using a fake Bin Laden. The movie ends with a US intelligence officer, in charge of capturing the fake (he does not know that he is fake at this point in time) Bin Laden, becoming the US Secrtary of State (or Defence - not quite sure) after obtaining a peace offer from the fake (by now he knows) Bin Laden - and the reporter getting an invitation to the US for being the person who managed it all.

All one big tongue in the cheek comedy. Or is it? Have a look at this piece of news on peace talks with fake Taliban leader.

More power to Bollywood movies, I say.

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