Tuesday, November 16, 2010

The Art of Saying Nothing

This appears in today's The Times of India. The news item is titled CAG REPORT COMES DOWN HARD ON CORPORATES. I have extracted the following which doesn't convey any information whatsoever - despite appearing on the front page ...

Since a telecom company controlled by the industrialst - who also has interests in energy and entertainment - has a pan-Indian presence, Swan should have been disqualified. Yet, it stayed in the ring and went on to pip several established contenders. The industrialist, one of India's richest, has denied any link with Swan.

Amazing ... since when are newspapers afraid of naming names. Or does the CAG report not mention the industrialist's name? There is no way of telling from the news item. In any case, he has denied the links. So, why not just name that person (notice, the news item does not even mention the gender; I am assuming it is a he).

The only indutsrialist - among the richest, having interest in energy and entertainment, and also having a pan India presence - that I am aware is Anil Ambani.

Hmmmm.... Rich enough to muzzle the press!
Or is The Times of India playing coy?

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