Tuesday, June 19, 2007

How much do I save by Cycling?

Besides the fact that I feel healthier and all systems go, I decided to work our how much I save per year by cycling twice a week to work.

My office is 10km away from my house. The price of 1 litre Diesel is around Rs. 38 in Bangalore. I think my car does about 14 km per litre, but in Bangalore during the rush hour I will be surprised if it does anything more than 10km per litre (and that is on the hgher side!).

That means I spend arounf 2l of Diesel a day. Works out to Rs. 152 per week. That is Rs. 608 a month. That is Rs. 7296 a year.

Plus the fact that I feel good about doing my bit to save the world.

Hmmm ... I think I need to start doing this 3 times a week!!!

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