Thursday, June 14, 2007

Message from a cyclist to all the pedestrians on Bangalore roads

Hi all those who cross the roads in Bangalore,

I wish to place the following for your kind consideration:

Please acknowledge the presence of a cycle approaching you in the same way you would to any other speeding vehicle. Cycles are not made of gases and it is unlikely that unless the cyclist brakes hard when you mindlessly step in front of him/her the resulting impact will not hurt you and/or the cyclist.

I am willing to be corrected here, but except at zebra crossings, on roads a cyclist has the right to way. I do understand that you will cross the road when you need to, but when you stop for a speeding car to pass, I see no reason why you cannot do the same to a speeding sycle.

The above is also directed towards those who, instead of walking on the pavement, walk on the edge of the road. The extreme edge is where we cyclists tend to ride and that belongs to us when there is a pavement.

And no, I have not yet met with any accidents, but I have had some close shaves - not with cars and m'bikes but with pedestrians.

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