Wednesday, March 23, 2011

Binaca Geetmala

People of my generation and above will remember the Wednesday evening 8 p.m. This was the Binaca Geetmala and the golden voice of Amin Sayani time.
Binaca Geetmala was the most definitive music countdown show for India. Times have changed. With a surfeit of TV channels, each having its own 'top 10' shows, no one really bothers.
So, how about recreating the romance of Binaca Geetmala. I have created a webpage with just that intent. The webpage is a collection of the first 20 years of Binaca Geetmala. From 1953-1972.
You can not only listen to the chart bursting top song of each of the 20 years, you can also see it. And there are small quizzes to go along.
Have fun.
Here's the link => Binaca Geetmala

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