Monday, March 28, 2011

Remembering Jaidev: The Musical Genius

Recently, the movie Hum Dono was re-released in colour. The movie was a rage when it was first released. The songs were very much appreciated. During its re-release in colour, Hum Dono trended to the top 5 spot on Twitter, the present generation social barometer.

On the eve of the re-release, Devanand spoke highly of Asha Bhosle's philosophical 'Jahan Mein Aisa Kaun Hai...' and Lata Mangeshkar's ethereal 'Allah Tero Naam ...'. But I do not quite remember Devanand talking about the man behind these songs, Jaidev. Perhaps, I missed it.

In any case, I think Jaydev did not get the recognition he deserved. He received the National Award for best music thrice. The only other music directors to have received the National Award thrice is A R Rehman and Ilayaraja.

Since Devanand did not remember him, and since most of you either do not know him, or have forgotten him, I have compiled his songs here =>

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avdi said...

No doubt Jaidev is among the best of Hindi film music directors.

avdi said...

Me zindagi ka saath is one of my all time favorites.

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