Tuesday, May 12, 2009

The joy of selling

Having worked for all my adult life in an extreme niche industry, I find the job of selling extremely difficult. Especially, since industrial selling demands incredible patience. And though we have a long list of customer, I am still not sure what makes an industrial customer tick. I guess pedigree helps. If I have 20 customers, I must be doing something right. So, the 21st is not that difficult. It is getting the first one that is difficult.

Internet gave me the chance of trying my hand at selling. I am not talking of selling as in selling on e-bay or something that I have authored or created. It is what I would call 'selling by impression'. How does it work?

I love reading books. And I write about them. Some of the readers who happen to read my reviews may order the book on Amazon through my lens. And I like to think that my review gave them the final push to order for the book. I, of course, would never know who bought it. But I would know how many bought through my pages.

And I finally did it. I managed to sell the first book through my Squidoo lens. Someone ordered The Go-Giver from The Go-Giver Book Review

Am I thrilled? You bet I am. It is not the money that comes for getting someone to buy the book. I get a few cents. It is the thrill of influencing someone's decision. Someone, somewhere, read my review and decided to buy the book. That gives me joy. Pure joy.

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