Wednesday, May 13, 2009

Plan your trip to South India with a friend

What do you do when you plan a trip? You Google. Buy up available literature and you talk to friends. Hopefully your friends would know someone (a friend of a friend) who has traveled before. All tiny bits help.

I just realized that I could be the friend of a friend. And before the modern mind is filled with skepticism, I hurry to state that I am *not* a travel agent *nor* a tour guide. I do not have any commercial interest in any place that I recommend.

And this comes absolutely FREE.

I travel the south India whenever possible. Besides, I am surrounded by friends and colleagues who belong to the 'South Indies'. They have friends who have friends who have traveled ... you get the idea.

So, if any one has any questions on ...

(i) Which route will fetch you the maximum ROI?
(ii) Where to stay (a) in style (b) in comfort?
(iii) Confirmation of tiny little facts that do not show up on Google search.
(iv) Mode of travel.
(v) anything at all.

... please feel free to write to

I will send you a personal response within a week and we could interactively decide on the best option.

This should help those who travel from the North of India or those living outside India.

So what is stopping you?

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