Saturday, May 9, 2009

Tiled Roads

Of all states Tamil Nadu is most geared for encouraging tourism. Ooty is in perhaps in decline, but Kodaikanal is not. It is perhaps the cleanest and neatest of all Indian hill stations. While it will take a tremendous effort to reach the standards of say, Interlaken, I must say, given the general Indian standards of public hygiene, Kodai is pretty good.

Roads impressed me most. Most of the roads I traveled on are regularly maintained. Even the hill roads! As I climbed the Hill Road to Kodai I was first amused and then intrigued by patches of tiles on the road - the kind you would find on the side walk of big roads in cities. It took a while but then I realized what was going on. The authorities who maintain the roads do not wait for the whole road to be broken. Since, it would be foolish to haul up a road-roller every time a tiny patch of road breaks, they replace the broken piece of road with tiles. And it works just fine.

Now that is ingenuity for you.

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hemal said...

I have to agree with you Amitabh da. TN is best placed to encourage tourism. I was in a situation during the Tsunami and was riding form Mahabs back to my resort when the tsunami stuck and then was the first time did I see the TN tourism police in action in 2 mins after i placed them a call... having help at hand in 2 mins, as you know well, is unusual in India...

tushar dasgupta said...

good morning!!!!
even i appreciate south a lot not only regarding cleanliness but also their literacy rate.
leaving for college..see you in the evening...

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