Thursday, May 7, 2009

Supporting IPL Teams

Watching IPL - whenever I get the time - is turning out to be a medical problem.

I simply do not know which team to support.

I am from Bangalore, so I should support the Royal Challengers.
I am a Bengali so people expect me to support the Kolkata Knight Riders.
Since Preity and Shilpa are involved, my heart belongs to Punjab XI and Rajasthan Royals.
I am a big fan of Tendulkar, so I would like to support Mumbai Indians.

To eliminate the risk of Multiple Personality Disorder, I have decided to go ball by ball and follow these rules:

(i) When an Indian is bowling to a non-Indian batsman, root for the bowler.
(ii) When a non-Indian is bowling to an Indian batsman, hope the ball goes for a six.
(iii) When an Indian is bowling to another Indian, support the underdog.
(iii) When a non-Indian is bowling to another non-Indian batsman, don't give a damn.

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Ashwin said...

JAI HO Amitabh.

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