Thursday, September 30, 2010

Communication Fundas - Part 1

Communication has two and only two components: Context and Content.
Improving your communication skills require paying attention to both.

In the next few pages you will be introduced to skills that should improve your communication skills with immediate effect.

I need an umbrella” - this is content.
It is raining” – this is context.

You might rearrange the above sentences in any which way that suit your style (more about style later).

It is raining. I need an umbrella.
It is raining, so I need an umbrella.
I need an umbrella, because it is raining.

You can go ahead and embellish the sentences. Like, so …

It is raining heavily. I definitely need an umbrella.
More garnishing?

It is pouring. How do you think I can go out without an umbrella?

Now, check out how change of context modifies the picture in your mind.

The sun is beating down. I need an umbrella.

There! Did you see that?

Change the context and the meaning turns on its head. Even a simple scenario, requiring a couple of sentence requires a context.

Communication breaks down when context is missing or is misinterpreted.

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