Wednesday, September 15, 2010

Salman Khan - The Real Dabangg

I must confess that the title of this post is to attract as many readers as possible.
Because this post needs to be read by as many people as possible.
Yes, I am talking about Salman Khan but not the actor.
Rather someone who is closer to the subject to my heart - Innovation in Education.
I first read about this other Salman Khan from a Bill Gates' tweet which went like this:

A look at the work of Sal Khan- - very good online teaching. I’ve been viewing many of his lectures @

Following the lead I ended up here - an article in Fortune that starts like this: "Sal Khan, you can count Bill Gates as your newest fan" - sufficient for me to explore the next link: Khan Academy.
The site contains more than 1800 vidoes (on YouTube) on a variety of subjects, like Arithmetic, Algebra, Banking and Money, Brain Teasers, Biology, Calculus, Chemistry and the like. These vidoes are mini-lectures by Salman Khan and I think he does a wonderful job. It is a library on You Tube.

Definitely worth checking out. And following.

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