Sunday, September 26, 2010

A Love Story

I am writing a short story.
This is about a mathematician who cracks one of the Millenium Prize Problems and wins the $1 million offered by the Clay Mathematics Institute while still in College. He goes on to win the Fields Medal too. But money and fame goes to his head and he loses it all. On his death-bed, he is asked if he has any regrets. Turns out that he has one: "I wish I had married the girl I loved."

Do you think you will want to read this story?
I am glad you said yes.
You just finished reading the story, you see!

Thank you and have a great day ahead.

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callezee said...

It is called as chemistry...

Anjana said...

Ok, this is one morbid love story that actually brings a smile to one's face. Morbid because, the bright mathematician is left with nothing in the end. No fame, no money, no love and no life (I am assuming he goes onto die and does not revive magically, Bollywood style to marry his lady love). It is only the contexting that completely changes the impact on the reader. This could be linked to all your posts on communication. I think it emphasises the power of contexting communication. A sad love story, actually can be contexted differently, to create a different impact. This story actually made me think of two other things as well. I have not heard too many happy mathematician tales. I wonder what it is about them. Since I wanted to be a mathematician once, it makes me glad 'I am a failed mathematician and a happy human being, as opposed to the other way round'. The other thing that this post tells me is that you clearly aspire to write a book and this is about vicariously living that dream:-)

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