Friday, September 3, 2010

The Future is Here: Goodbye to Heavy School Bags

Remember my post on Future With Kindle? I had imagined a text-book free world for school children. I had hoped that Kindle would lead the way. Looks like someone else has gone ahead and done it. Yes, the iPad. And Inkling. Read all about it here.
Even if you do not have an iPad, the Inkling website is worth visiting. Inkling may turn out to be the next big thing, in education at least. Not that there has been any great revolutions in education lately.

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simran khanna said...

Oh really if this happen...

Mohammed Ibrahim (Admin) said...

wow...great'll become a reality within sum years!
keep blogging and all the best

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Intvlive said...

Good idea it will help for students as well as for the parents also.

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