Saturday, February 20, 2010

The Secret of Success? Lists!

You know you have it in you.
And you know if you want you can get it.
Somewhere deep inside you, you also know how to get it.
You just have to methodically get to work.
But ...

That "but" is the main problem.
Now here is a simple workbook to help you out.
This workbook does not make any tall claims.
It will help you focus and make you act.
All you have to do is prepare some lists.
Yeah! You read it right: lists.
What's more, it is free.
It has nothing that you do not know yourself already.
It just nudges you towards your dreams.

Do this exercise, and I bet you will not regret it.

Here's link =>
Download both, the Goals Book and the Worksheet Booklet.

Actually there is more to discover with Paul Myers. Here's another fun thing from Paul to learn and grow =>

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Shas said...

So true, this 'but' keeps butting in each time one thinks of moving towards ones dreams.

Anjana said...

This comment is not about this post. It is on the other window on this blog (the tweets on management secrets). I must tell you that I find them most enjoyable and insightful. I guess every manager is able to relate to them. They provoke, they tease, they are impactful and full of wisdom and yet very practical. I have noticed that even when I dont agree with some of the thoughts at first go, I usually come around to accepting them (atleast in spirit).They leave a lot unsaid (I guess you have no choice because of the word limit) and are open to multiple interpretations. But I guess it works better that way. I only have one issue. Why are many of them addressed to 'Mr Manager'. Not fair, I say. What happens to all the women managers out there. You are not one of those who believes that women do not make good managers, right? (You seem wiser than that). But if you do, then I take back all the nice things I have written about your tweets.

Amitabh said...

@Anjana, thanks for your sweet comments on my tweets (that is nice: sweet - tweet :)). And my apologies for the sexist bias I have displayed on my tweets so far. It was inadvertent and is a mind set that I try to overcome but obviously still have a long way to go. Again, I am sorry to all those who have been offended by the use of "Mr. Manager".

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