Monday, February 8, 2010

Using Technology

This extract is from Think Twice by Michael J. Mauboussin.

Flooded with candidates and aware of the futility of most interviews, Google decided to create algorithms to identify attractive potential employees. First, the company asked seasoned employees to fill out a three-hundred-question survey, capturing details about their tenure, their behavior, and their personality. The company then compared the survey results to measures of employee performance, seeking connections. Among the findings, Google executives recognized that academic accomplishments did not always correlate with on-the-job performance.

A few observations:

a) Companies tend to fall back upon trusted means to derive solutions: so you know that if it is Google, then it has to be an algorithm.

b) 300-question survey? 300? I will be surprised if any answers after the first 10 questions made any sense.

c) "Academic accomplishments did not always correlate with on-the-job performance". I hope the survey resulted in some other meaningful conclusions also. 'Did not always correlate' is neither here nor there.

d) In his book, Think Twice, Mauboussin seeks to establish "Use Technology When Possible" by referring to this Google exercise. Is this the best example he could get of use of technology to solve organisational problems?

PS: Ok! I could get the original article that Think Twice refers to. It is called Google Answer to Filling Jobs Is an Algorithm.

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Anjana said...

This is by far, the most simplistic way of identifying solutions for effective recruitment. The survey, of course, flouts every market research principle. A 300 - question survey is ridiculuous and the observation on academic accomplishments and correlation with on- the -job performance is at best, laughable.First of all, I think a qualitative research study would have been more insightful. I have a few more questions. Why only seasoned employees and who are the seasoned employees. What about personal biases, when capturing own behaviour, personality etc. It should have been a 360 degree survey, if at all. The algorithm is totally incredible. If only things were that simplistic.

Ok one last question, kind of unrelated, but do you read fiction, at all? (apart from Harry Potter, of course) Your library shows no evidence.

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