Monday, February 22, 2010

The Secret of Successful Marriages Revealed

It's amazing how the best advise on marriages are in management books. It is claimed that many wives read The Goal to understand the goal of marriage. Here's another sweet but crisp pointer to a happy married life in the gem of a book, The Go-Giver.

"I think there is one reason, and only one reason, that we have stayed together so long and are as happy together today as we were forty-eight years ago - more so, in fact. That reason is this: I care more about my wife's happiness than I do about my own. Al I've ever wanted to do since the day I met her is make her happy. And here's the truly remarkable thing - she seems to want the same thing for me."

"Wouldn't some people call that codependent?" ventured Joe.

"Yes, some probably would. Know what I call it?"


Pindar laughed, " Yes certainly that. I was going to say, I'd call that success."

Ok, The Go-Giver is a work of fiction.

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Anjana said...

I have a problem with any such formula. Actually, I have a fundamental problem with qualifying marriages as successful or otherwise (a failed marriage, I guess would be the other extreme). But who decides what a successful marriage is. In India, for many, a marriage that stands the test of time would be considered successful, irrespective of the quality of the marriage. I dont agree with any formula that paints all marriages with the same brush. I think people in a marriage decide what works for them. Every marriage comes with a different equation. There are marriages of convenience, marriages that are about partnership etc etc. What works for people (BOTH INVOLVED) in a marriage is what defines the quality of that marriage. I would say that the key to a successful marriage is to pursue the path to your own happiness and to allow the spouse to pursue his/ hers. Only when you are truly happy and content, can you you create happiness for another person. But I agree that the best advise on marriages come from management books. A marriage is like a joint venture. All management fundas that worlk for a joint venture work for a marriage too.

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