Sunday, July 26, 2009

Athletes Are Different

It is good to see some of my favourite TV shows still running on English TV's. One of these is: The Weakest Link
I couldn't care less about Anne Robinson's sense of humour, but the questions are could and the format is fast moving and crisp.
The most heartbreaking round - to me at least - is usually the penultimate round when the two of three contestants left out in the game 'gang' up to 'conspire' to eliminate the strongest link. They do not talk to each other of course; but if you think about it, it is obvious. Going head to head against the stronger contestant does not make much sense, so eliminate him/her and try your luck against a weaker opponent.

However, last evening's show with invited athletes from various discipline was different and refreshing. I thought Sally Gunnell will be eliminated by the other two as she was clearly leagues ahead of them. But they athletes stuck to spirit of the game. Sally Gunnell went on to win.

No wonder sports is considered so important for character development.

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