Friday, July 3, 2009

Heroes and Managers

This is from Reality Check by Guy Kawasaki.

Dr. Philip Zimbardo of Stanford University and Zeno Franco of the Pacific of the Pacific Graduate School of Psychology wrote an article called "The Banality of Heroism" ... According to Zimbardo and Franco, heroes managers do five things:

1. Maintain constant vigilance for situations that require heroic action.
2. Learn not to fear conflict because you took a stand.
3. Imagine alternative future scenarios beyond the present moment.
4. Resist the urge to rationlize and justify inaction.
5. Trust that people will appreciate heroic (and frequently unpopular) actions.

In my book, managers are heroes. They make things happen. Not heroes.

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Anonymous said...

Wanted to get my hands on this book... Not sure when I'd be able to read it... Should be able to do that pretty soon...

Thanks for sharing :)

Have a great weekend :)

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