Wednesday, July 8, 2009

Life Factors Are Not Mutually Exclusive

Half a century ago, Frederick Herzberg discovered that the factors that affect satisfaction are not the same as the the factors that affect motivation on the job. He called them Hygiene Factors and Motivators.

He found out that absence of Hygiene Factors cause dissatisfaction. That, of course, does not mean that presence of Hygiene Factors result in Motivation. Example of Hygiene Factors are security, status, salary, peer relationship. Herzberg, in fact, found that presence of Hygiene Factors has very less impact on the motivation level. On the other hand, absence of factors like Good Job Content, Recognition, Achievement, Responsibility, etc. - termed Motivators - had a huge impact on Motivation. Their absence did little to remove dissatisfaction from the job. So, in essence, a great paying job that goes nowhere is satisfactory but you will not be motivate to give your best.

Fair enough!

What is good for a job should be applicable to life too, isn't it?
So why do we focus on aspects that are (apparently) mutually exclusive?

Success in job at the cost of family life.
Wealth but no true friends.
Palaces but no home.

Perhaps we do understand the basic dynamics of life. I am sure laughter and responsibility can go hand in hand.

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