Tuesday, July 28, 2009

My Favourite Spots in London

These are not available on standard tourist maps. These are not what a tourist would like to do in London. But I would recommend these without hesitation to anyone who wishes to seek my advice.

These are:
Hamleys - a place to rediscover your childhood. Perhaps the greatest collection of toys and games under one roof. And if I am not wrong has 5 floors of pure pleasure.

Foyles - All the books you can read. Amazon is good but Foyles is great. Heaps and heaps and heaps of books under all possible categorization.

Nando's - Their peri-peri chicken is to die for. A most wonderful family living in London takes me to Nando's every time I visit them.

Visit these and thank me for the rest of your life.

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IndianPundit said...

Hi Dude

But where are the PICS??

Post them.


ARJuna said...

So you ARE in London, will visit those places when I visit London and the rest of Europe, something that I want to do atleast once in my life.

Amitabh Mukherjee said...

Indian Pundit, Did not take many pictures. The weather was miserable. Will put a few up soon.

ARJuna, Am back. You should visit Europe at least once in your life time. It is an experience.

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