Thursday, July 2, 2009

Death of books

Yesterday, when I blogged on Death of Newspapers, I was tempted to add that perhaps before the newspapers die, books will. Good that I didn't.

Guy Kawasaki, top blogger, best selling author and entrepreneur. He has seen all sort of digital waves and here's what he has to say about books in the introduction of his book, Reality Check:

I wanted this information to provide hardcore information to hardcore people who want to kick ass, and I wanted this information in something you can hold in your hands - aka, a book. Why? Because a book boots up faster than a blog, and a book has better copyediting and fact-checking than a blog. Also, a book is not dependent on Internet connectivity, battery life, or the ineptness of HTML printing. And best of all, because you can write in a book, stick stickies in a book,and dig-ear its corners.

So there you have it. Books are not going anywhere either.

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