Thursday, January 28, 2010

He Speaks Like a Dream

I type this as I listen as Obama addresses US Congress live.
Sometimes it is best to listen to what we feel instead of thinking through and coming to a clever conclusion.
So here are my impressions:
a) He speaks like a dream
b) He can bring a lump to your throat - you do not have to be an American
c) He is speaking of tax breaks to business who keep jobs in America - in other words, anti-outcourcing - but you cannot dislike him for that; partly, because you know that this is a lot of rhetoric and that America cannot isolate itself from world economy, and partly because you know that he has to say that, he is an American president, after all
d) He is speaking of retaining (or is it regaining?) world dominant position
e) He makes repeated references to China and Europe and India; US is worried - time to think of cooperation, rather than competition.
f) He is unafraid to speak his mind.
g) He makes me want to stand in front of India and speak like this. Hmmm... time to join politics and aspire to become the greatest Prime Minister of India. Ever.
h) I wish I could speak like him. As I said, he speaks like a dream.

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