Tuesday, January 12, 2010

How Stuff Works

Recommendation time!
Isn't it wonderful to learn new things? Every day? Especially if they are available in a neatly easy-to-digest package.
Now imagine visiting a website once a day, spending just about 5 minutes. By this time next year you would have 365 new things.
I count my daily visits to How Stuffs Work as one of the few good (ahem!) habits I have. I just pick one topic at random - anything that catches my eye and about which I have do not have much idea - and read through the whole article.
Try it. It will become an enjoyable habit.

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Sanoop said...

Apart from the fact that I derived a seminar from this website, this website is extremely good for the curious and the innovators (not for them to copy but to improve upon).. Talking of good habits, heres another one.. whilst looking through a dictionary or a thesaurus.. after finding the word that you are looking for.. look at the word that precedes it and the one after it... Vocabulary builders and spellbee participants please do note this point !!!

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