Monday, January 4, 2010

Participant of the Future

The newspapers are plastered with the "decade that was" for the past two weeks. Suddenly, 2009 was not just an end of year; it was an end of a decade.
Curiously, up until this moment I never though of 2009 as the end of a decade. Just another year!
I wonder how many really did.
Anyways! Some newspapers have become bold and have also given us "trends": the equivalent of crustal ball gazing into the next decade. So now we have what is going to happen in the next decade.
Chances are that they have got it all wrong. The 2010-2019 is going to be far more innovative than anyone can possibly imagine.
But the real question is: are you going to just read about it, tucking away such information in some corner of your brain, only to be used in some quiz competition. Or - think about it - are you going to be a an active participant?

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