Sunday, January 3, 2010

Security in Bangalore

Security issue concerns us all.
In this age of mindless violence by thugs - terrorists are thugs, no more no less - I can understand the need for increased vigil.
But paying lip service to security is an absolute waste and represents unnecessary harassment of ordinary citizen.

Every time I drive into a hotel or an hospital in Bangalore, I am stopped by 3-4 security guards. One chap then wheels a mirror to see if there is a bomb under my car. The other requests me to open the boot / trunk, so that he can have a good look at what is inside - another bomb, perhaps. Not once in the last 2 years has anyone checked me or inside of the car. I could be carrying an AK-47 in the passenger seat and cover it with a jacket or something and no one would be wiser. This is security check at its most ridiculous. Why even bother?

One of these days a bunch of thugs - I refuse to call them as terrorists - will hold a hotel or a hospital or the ITPL (they have identical security check - under the car, and in the boot) hostage and then one year hence there will be a report that will try and assign blame.

Mr. Chidambaram are you listening? I do not think merely giving directives to the state government or the hotels and hospitals is sufficient. Please follow up.

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