Tuesday, January 12, 2010

The Two-Second Distance

It is amazing how quickly people reach conclusion.
Especially when they are apparently the victim.
Especially when it is easy to blame others.
Take for instance the accidents that happen outside my window. More often than not it is a vehicle that has hit the one in the front. The traffic police stops the traffic, the vehicles slow down and bam! accident.
Who is to blame?
Why that is simple! Not the person in the front. After all s/he slowed down at the traffic junction. The person behind should have kept his/her distance. Right?
What if the vehicle in the front was driving fast in the first place?
After all the vehicle in the front determines the speed of the vehicle that follow.

Like I said, it is always easy to blame others. Especially when it is easy to identify a victim quickly.
By the way, I read this somewhere ... keep a 2-second distance between yourself and the car in the front.
How do you do that?
This is simple: from the time the car in front crosses a stationary object, say, a telephone pole, count off 2 seconds (one thousand and one ... one thousand and two). If you cross the telephone pole within that time, slow down.
The advantage: the faster you are going, the more distance between you and the car in the front if you are two seconds behind.

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